When it comes to abstract painting in particular I must say there are a palette of definitions as there are colors.  In my study of art while in college the idea of realism never seemed to intrigue me as slosh of colors in random patterns did.  Though I know little of painting when it comes to portraits (people just aren’t in my DNA of brush strokes), still-life, landscapes, architecture I can appreciate them.  But when it comes to me, the canvas and the paint … I am drawn into a world of abstract that resembles more of a wild party than a proper setting.  Perhaps my paintings are most simplistic as I can’t seem to discipline myself to sit and paint any other way.  I know some will think that to always paint in one style is to limit the artist in me.  Perhaps so, but in each new canvas I am free to express myself in a way that truly cannot be duplicated.  There simply are no two exactly alike abstracts.  Oh there may be similar patterns, colors, strokes etc from me the artist, but again no two are produced to be a look alike.  I’ve had people ask, “Can you recreate me a painting just like this one that has already sold?”  It cannot be done and to me that is what make abstract painting unique and a one of a kind piece.  When asked, “Why abstracts?” the simple answer is because I love abstract and like each painting I produce it represents that the artist in my is a one of kind painter.  Enjoy the playground of paint!  Love abstracts!

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