I value art of all kinds across the ages of man from the Monet, van Gogh, and Pollock to mention a few of my favorite past artists.  As an artist I have dealt in wood block prints, pottery, photography as well as watercolor painting and abstract painting.

Of late I have settled on abstract painting in acrylics.  I am given to think that abstract is me based up on several factors.  I love the experimentation of having a beginning but not necessarily having a ending.  The fluidity of paint yes, but of subject matters tends to appear rather than always be planned.  Abstract is not a mere slapping some paint on the canvas in hopes of something delightful or even mysterious appears.  Some might argue that abstract has no functionality to it as some quizzically say, “What is it suppose to be?” However in the artist eye functionality is a most important aspect of the painting, at least it is to me.  From the tones, pigment, layers, rinses, they all comprise an functional element that drives deep into the eye and into the soul.  I want my abstracts to pleasing, but also meaningful to the viewer and buyer.  I want to discuss with them how this painting came about and the why of the color, the slashes and splashes of paint.  It truly is functional.

I also enjoy abstract painting as there is a sense of experimental freedom to try, dry and do it again.  You will never know that many of my finished abstract paintings have layers upon layers of paint, gesso and more paint  until I have arrived that finished state.

Bottom line is, abstract is me.  I hope it can be for you too.  Let me know what you think of a painting and if it inspires you, let’s work out a price that we can both value.

– Bob

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