I sometimes wish I had never had to sell a painting. Every painting you make represents the time it was made and how you were feeling and what your influences were… You are never going to feel that way again, so you can never repeat it … (Peter Doig)

 Not long ago a viewer of my art asked if it was hard to sell one of my paintings?  It’s not the selling that is hard but the letting it go is what’s hard.  Each piece is a part of me the artist.  The paintings composition, the color of paints chosen, the texture and manipulation of the paint are all part of me giving a birth to the piece of art someone has chosen to buy.  I see the creation on canvas as something I want to hang onto or perhaps it is the experience I the artist has gone through to arrive at the final piece.

As tough as the experience of selling a piece is, the intent of producing my art is to either sell it or give it away.  This way you the recipient of the art become a part of my experience as artist.  One I don’t take lightly either.  I value you as you examine the art to come to a decision that this piece is the one you wish to display in your home or office.  In turn I see you as one who creates a private art museum for my art as well as for others art you have purchased to be enjoyed.  You the art buyer are a valued and appreciated by me the artist.  Enjoy your art!

–  Bob

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